Monday, March 10, 2014

Chapter 7- Physics: Further Commentary

The study of physics promotes the study of Laws

The qualities of Higher Laws we can consider are:

  • That they are immutable 
  • That they determine consequential happenings
  • That they make up the frame and overall structure of the supporting Cosmos
  • That they are discriminate (that is what makes them a law primarily)
  • That they are subject to yet Higher Laws again
  • That by a combining of Laws we can come to perceive their actuality

The qualities of Lesser Laws we can consider are:

  • That they are subject to Higher Laws (for both fixing their positions and in relation to their own changing)
  • That they are transactional
  • That they are relative
  • That they operate out from within ourselves, in relation to ourselves, firstly. (That provides for both their strength and their protection in the immediate around us.)

Further commentary: That we are the Law

As microcosmic replicas of Christ Himself we are the sum total of the Law and this is precisely why we are:

  • protected and supported by it;
  • perceiving of it; and governed accordingly
  • most righteous and most naturally, both maker and definer of the Laws to follow cooperatively.

This also provides us with an insight into the satanic view of “Do what thou wilt” … because fundamentally there is truth to say that “We are the Law” and have licence for precisely that which we choose. 

We not only manifest the Law, we can maketh the Law. However once leaving the ordinances of Christ (i.e. replacing the statutes of Love for self-empowerment and self-advancement, for example) we are no longer within His Protection and become subject to such outer Laws which convene little regard for co-creatureship. (We refer to this as the ‘catch 33’!) In other words, the very freedoms ensured within His Law and His Domain are not provided for when departed out from our own limits of Humanity.

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